About Us

Bespoke Hat Co is a family owned business and was established in 2017 in the Downtown area of Lake Charles Louisiana. We started out very small and have grown more and more each year by searching for the best brands we can find. We strive to carry the highest quality in a variety of shapes and sizes. The love of hats goes back to being a child and wearing mostly western styles. As the years passed, I tried many different styles and shapes, but always had trouble finding the right fit for me. That's one of the reasons I was so passionate about opening my own store. Not everyone's head is shaped the same. We all have our own unique shape, and it's important to find a hat that works well with not only the shape of the head, but also with your facial features. It's also important to find a hat that fits your style. Hats have evolved so much over the years, and can even serve a greater purpose. SPF panels can be sewn in to the crown and brim to provide UV protection. Some hats are even water repellent and also packable. When searching for a hat, these things will be listed if they're available in that style. 

In 2018 we decided to search for a brand of handbags to add to our store. After many long hours of looking for a brand that would be the right fit, we found BED|STU. I had friends that purchased handbags and wallets from them, and they were absolutely amazing, and looked even better the longer they had them. BED|STU has been around since 1995, and each product is handcrafted using materials sourced from nature:  vegetable tanned leather using tree bark & leaves, water-based glues, & plant based dyes. They take pride in creating quality leather goods using biodegradable material. Better for you and I & the planet. Each bag, shoe, boot & accessory is unique, genuine & imperfect. They're one-of-a-kind!